A1.  egg rolls (paw pia tod) (5) $3.99

stuff with cabbage, carrots, bean thread noodles, black mushrooms wrapped in a wheat wrapper. served with homemade sweet and sour sauce.

A2.  fresh spring rolls (paw pia soad) (2) $5.49

rolled in a wheat wrapper. lined with tofu, egg omelet, cucumber, and bean spouts.

topped with special plum sauce.

A3.  chalurn spring rolls (3) $6.99

house spring rolls that have been in the family tradition. minced pork, egg, bean thread noodles,

carrots, onions, and black mushroom. served with homemade dipping sauce.

A4. summer rolls grilled pork or tofu (2) $5.99 shrimp (2) $6.99

refreshing and cool to the taste. wrapped in rice paper filled with vermicelli noodles, fresh mint,

cilantro, bean sprout, and lettuce. served with house dipping sauce.

A5.  satay (6) $8.29

grilled marinated meats on skewers with chicken.

served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

A6.  fried tofu $5.49

deep fried tofu with a crunch. served with homemade sweet chili sauce.

A7.  chicken wings $8.29

marinated chicken wings in spices. served with sweet spicy sauce.

A8.  beef jerky (nua kem) $8.99

marinated beef in traditional spices. (goes well with sticky rice…sold separately)

A9.  fried wonton (8) $5.49

deep fried wonton wrappers stuff with minced pork.