SP1.  wonton soup          small $3.99 large $6.99

wonton dumpling in clear broth. garnished with bean sprouts and chives.

SP2.  hot and sour soup    small $3.99 large $6.99

chicken, bamboo shoot, egg, tofu, and black mushroom in spicy and sour broth. topped with cilantro.

SP3.  chicken rice soup     small $2.99 large $5.99

chicken and rice in a clear broth. topped with chives.

SP4.  vegetable soup        small $2.99 large $5.99

assorted vegetables in a clear flavorful broth.

SP5.  tom yum

a tangy citrus blend of lemongrass, kiefer leaves, lime juice, and mushroom in a clear flavorful soup.

chicken or tofu   small $3.99 large $8.99

shrimp            small $4.99 large $9.99

SP6.  tom kha

creamy and tangy soup. a blend of lemongrass, citrus leaves, mushroom, galangal root, and lime juice.

chicken or tofu      small $4.50 large $9.99

shrimp               small $5.50 large $10.99

SP7.  poh thaek       $14.99

assorted mixture of seafood. shrimp, mussels, and squid. added with basil and mushroom

in an aromatic tangy soup.